"It's amazing to be able to work and play music whenever one of us is inspired..."

I love stylish cute couples and even though I have never envisioned myself as a couples sort of girl I always envied artists who date artists and everyone loves being around them because they are all artsy and they totally vibe off of each other and pretty much change the world with their constant creativity and it seems like they always have enough money working in the arts, and dress awesome of course and live in adorably decorated places. I even remember reading an article in a magazine a few years back or perhaps it was an editorial shoot, but it was musicians and their stylish mates or spouses or whatever the title was. The point is there were these couples and they all seemed so perfect I mean like perfect accents of each other. I wonder if before shoots and interviews if there are like compromising sessions before the camera and interviewer are around where the partners are like okay “dont do this and this and this...” I imagine that’s what it’s going to be like for interviews with my super cool boyfriend when people want to interview us and take photos of our stylish downtown abode. If or when that ever happens until then I will continue to live vicariously through all of the cool artist couples that already exist like Binki’s...


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Keep Stylin

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