21 Days of Positive Affirmations for Transformation - Day 3

Everything Happens in Divine Timing and for our highest good. Yes!!!! Although sometimes we forget these wonderful truths dealing with the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Keep Reading to see today's positive affirmation ...


How to Become A Hashtag Storyteller #Storyteller

How to Become a #Storyteller ( pronounced Hashtag Storyteller )

 Let Your # ←Hashtag tell your stories… I love having a hashtag for people to click on and see a full portfolio of related posts and conversations that have been personalized and marketed for different types of businesses. Clicking around on Hashtags has granted me many new prospective clients, love interests, and hobbies I didn’t even know I loved yet.


D's Get Degrees

This is legitimately my favorite piece of clothing right now. l throw it on when I need to head out to run an errand or when I am just at home and netflix and chilling out, I am actually wearing it right now. Plaid Flannel reminds me of when I was younger and living in the country with my horses.