How to Become A Hashtag Storyteller #Storyteller

How to Become a #Storyteller ( pronounced Hashtag Storyteller )

 Let Your # ←Hashtag tell your stories… I love having a hashtag for people to click on and see a full portfolio of related posts and conversations that have been personalized and marketed for different types of businesses. Clicking around on Hashtags has granted me many new prospective clients, love interests, and hobbies I didn’t even know I loved yet.

   Let’s Start at the Beginning… Well not the very beginning these tips are generally for people who have made it well past logging on and posting a profile pic, so if you are confused about what I am talking about feel free to email me (bionicalexzondra@gmail.com) and I will answer back!

 What Are Three Cool Things You Like About the Internet? (because when we focus on the positive good things happen) It can be a little bit overwhelming just surfing the internet for the first time, if you are not too much into technology, but throwing our devices out of the window and cursing the internet as a devil is definitely not the answer either. So to ease the internet anxiety I know many experience,  let’s list our three favorite things about the internet:

 Top 5 Answers in my Wineaux Gathering Fall In Love With Your Computer Workshop have been:

   Communicating with family
 New Business Clients
 Easy and free access to new knowledge
 Porn (no judgement)
Cute Pet Videos

 What Are Your Top 3 Favorite Things About the Internet???

  What is Your #StoryObjective (Story Objective)??? What’s the point you are trying to get across in your story or marketing campaign. Keep it Simple.
 Now Condense it to a sentence
 Now Shorten it to three words
 Now Shorten it to one word or an abbreviation

 Now Slap a # ← Hashtag on It!!!! Now when you post your comments, pictures, and videos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook you can use your hashtag (#) More clever hashtags have started movements and launched careers! It doesn’t have to be that extreme but it is fun to dream. I have even seen people with their hashtags on tshirts. It’s great advertisement or to put on gifts at events. 

Go Live,  Go Explore,   Go Research !! You can’t come up with hashtag stories with no content right?

 When You Find Something You Want to Share, Please Do and add YOUR Hashtag (#) for others to click on and experience YOUR story.

When you enter your hashtag into a social media platform like INSTAGRAM also Twitter and Facebook it becomes a live link you can just click on. And see the results that pop up.

 Now You are A #Storyteller

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