D's Get Degrees

This is legitimately my favorite piece of clothing right now. l throw it on when I need to head out to run an errand or when I am just at home and netflix and chilling out, I am actually wearing it right now. Plaid Flannel reminds me of when I was younger and living in the country with my horses.

My mom used to wear a series of plaid flannel shirts or jackets or both daily to feed horses and goats and dogs, etc. Obviously I would not wear this white one to do any dirty jobs, I can’t stand dirty white, it irks me. Ironically wearing this at the beach didn’t dirty it up like I thought it would. I mentally prepared myself before shooting around in the sand, and everything. I find myself mentally preparing myself before I do a lot lately.

 I have recently been pursuing for a Bachelor’s Degree, and throughout the first few semesters of my continued education I found myself having a hard time focusing on school. Other life trials and tribulations, such as homelessness, sexual assault, extreme haters, and just a lack of support in furthering my education and pursuing my dreams found me doing the best I could to make classes, quizzes , and turn in my work on time, or at all. Yet, it was like I just could not catch a break. It was almost like I was locked out looking in, watching people seem like they were just floating through the motions of taking their classes and still receiving better grades than I was. And here I am breaking myself just to barely be able to possibly get passing credits for the class. ( I hope). Long gone are the days in which we all have the luxury as young people to even get the option of being able to allow ourselves to be “educated”, and also have the luxury of parental or spousal support . Did this ever exist for the majority American women??? Now we are outchea doing what we’ve gotta do to get our “paper” up as Beyonce says. It’s like so many jobs call for degrees now that don't even require the skills it takes to get a degree in any subject. (Like a BA to sell purses at Nordstrom wtf?). We students need to let a bit of the pressure off of ourselves. We have to remember that over achieving by someone else’s standards is not always a realistic goal to set for ourselves. We have children to feed, businesses to finance, parents to care for, and many of us important members of society are homeless due to an unfortunate turn in circumstances and arising baby boomer greed. *Insert Umbrella Hat Here*. Having safe transportation and a good night sleep or care for ourselves and our children for every test and pop quiz is not often reasonably accessible to the students of today. So let’s not forget to take the pressure off, relax a little, and acknowledge our accomplishments. Remember D’s (and passing grades) get Degrees!!!!

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