I am obsessed with Ms Badu

 I think have slightly avoided seeing her live or meeting her in person because I want to say something profound and genuine and have us just fall in love in the first in sync breath. LOL okay I already have admitted to being obsessed, so you can't judge.

I am obsessed with her as a human as well a the ideal I have of this Urban Goddess in my mind. I always have been since I was a young black girl in my bedroom while my mom stayed up late at night to get business things done. It was Erykah's Live album she would bump along side of the Agape International Choir turned out to be a very uplifting playlist . My mother loved music but being a scientist she did not really relate to too many artists who were singing and rapping about Love and heartbreak, but Erykah was different, she, like my mother, is a healer. Just by expressing her experiences and sharing her art she has begun to heal generations who really needed it. 

  "If I be Divine Give You Light... If I be your Wisdom Let me know" E. Badu , Next Lifetime, Live

My favorite song by Erykah right now is Next Lifetime on her Live album. Second place goes to Yeyo live. They have really given me so much healing. Don't get me wrong I am definitely obsessed with everything she has don. Her evolution gives me so much inspiration to stay true to my higher self. I would love to have her catch my children, can you imagine? what a beautiful human moment to share with someone you truly admire. This Fader story was beautifully written and the styling in the editorial captured her most complementary vibration. My favorite part besides the fact it's Erykah in the photos is the jewelry, the rings my gosh! 


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