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I would Love to invite you to follow me on my ever evolving style journey here on this little piece of internet I carved out for myself in 2007...

*CUSTOM TSHIRTS  correction
My last successful planned blog run was in 2010  and a little bit into 2011.My blog at the time was a reflection of what I saw my mind and just sort of making notes to get some of the thoughts out and whatever  I had time to express on my daily, which was very rarely consistent. Nor did it hold any type of uniformity much like my life in my early twenties . I identified as a "fashion blogger". I thought I would be more enthralled in fashion journalism and ended up delving more into marketing and advertising research. This time, I want my blog to be a reflection of my beauty, my voice and the sharing of valuable experiences and knowledge that has been  acquired in this nine years since I started this weblogging journey. I have started much-needed conversation and inspired other beautiful young women of color like myself to find and express their own voices and to also find a bit of bravery to flex their own opinions, confidence and power. I will do my best to continue to do this of course, except with more consistency and a much stronger intent, more transparency, a whole lot less fear. Ok, no fear.

At first my vision was  to open a clothes store where I can host parties, get people a little drunk and restyle their look  with pieces from my store and of course they would then buy the pieces. Then,  I met other people with the same type of dream. They said “Oh you want to sell art?”. 
" Well, be an artist", they said..
"Sell art" they said...
"While you're at it sell mine too!," they said…

Since my mom always taught me if I am going to work hard for anyone it should be myself, I walked away from THEM. I didn't want these JOY less leeches tainting my life art experience, it's bad enough I let their fearful hater chatter detour me from expressing my own voice for my own growth and prosperity sooner. (Small Tip: Don't let the naysayers have any of your creative time!) I didn’t like those vibes in my evolution but they weaseled their way in of course, but letting go of what I felt in my gut I didn't want opened the door immediately for the magic of destiny to happen.I then, discovered  people in this world with  beautiful fascinating stories. They were expressing these stories freely through so many mediums of art. I then,  fell in love with the storytellers. I wanted to be a storyteller, I love their bravery and resilience to life struggles and triumphs. I at the ripe age of nineteen decided  that In my store where I throw parties I will invite the storytellers,I will congregate artist with their stories and sell their art. So I set out to understand how and where I could find people telling stories… And I have found so many stories and an abundance of art to share, and I also found my own storyteller being born inside.

I began my blog online because I wanted to display some of my favorite artists telling stories.I use the term artist for musicians, fashion designers,writers,painters, welders, Makeup and Hair stylists, and the many content creators we look to to spice up our own life experiences. I am here to share an authentic version of parts of my own story with you and a few cool personal discoveries of artists I meet and would love to meet. I will relaunch my blog to fill a need for content i find my voice in and also  in hopes that you will share and keep sharing your wealth of advice and stories in the beautiful ways artist do with me. When I originally started blogging I did not realize how far or how many people my posts would reach, or even how many opportunities would reach me.  I am still surprised and grateful for my readers and friends who have and continue to support my self expression, whether it be creating stories, making tshirts, throwing memorable events, or learning new life tricks. I am constantly  inspired by your love, hate, and support. I hope you continue to connect with me.

photos by Frank Vidrio

Hair Faux Locs By Me 

Make Up By Me 

Styling By Me 

Even tho my blogger platforms and extensive blog posts had been relatively quiet until now, I have been chronicling my life and style journey on beloved social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and will continue to do so and keep you posted about what is to come and  even reflections on what has past. Even tho I deleted Facebook off my main phone so I could have a bit more productivity in fulfilling my dreams ( Because that shit wastes so much of my time!) ,Connect with me at the below links or here.


Brenda Moye said...

I am so proud of you...continue doing what makes you happy...everyone is not going to agree...but those are the ones that have never walked in your shoes...

Alexzondra Middleton said...

Thank you Auntie 💜💜💜