Immortal Beloved

 Every time I  have the pleasure of experiencing music that moves me, makes me hit playback just to hear a note or understand the message I fall back into infatuation with the artist and back in love with captivating details, articulate story telling and falling in love. Thank You Empress & Mark Batson for the reminder.

 I have always enjoyed fashion directing and creative fashion projects because they remind me of my obsessively fun Barbie playing days, which is the key to my attraction to physically attractive people with nice skin leading to my talent for coordinating colors and patterns to different types of beautiful. There is  a list of people I would love to spend my time shopping for. Albeit the list is not very long, it exists. It is long enough to make a series of posts about. This list is also enough to be the stimulus in which I pull my post inspirations from. I am considering creating a whole Pinterest Board about it. I will name it The A List. You will love it. Empress Selassie is on this list.


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