Artist Spotlight: Heron and Lamb

The facts are these:

I actually had the delightful pleasure of meeting Owner and Artist Raven Locadia while slanging my As iZ Vintage wares at The Randolph Street Market Modern Vintage Bazaar in Chicago, IL. Raven is such a talented light and I hope we can vacation on an island together sometime in our very prosperous future. The handmade jewelry are perfect statement accessories for the Spring 2014 season and beyond. The Rings are perfect for stacking and the natural bohemian voice of her creations makes you feel the love that goes into making each piece.

What Raven wants you to know about Heron and Lamb:

'Based in Chicago, Heron and Lamb is a jewelry line from designer Raven Locadia. Inspired by the preservation of all things rustic and natural, each Heron and Lamb piece incorporates re-purposed vintage materials and collected natural elements, including preserved flowers and moss.' 
taken from fab.com 

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