Elegant Transitioning

The images shown are from Karen Walker's Spring Summer 2014 ad campaign shot
by Derek Henderson. The images are of the Kenyan Artisans who helped to create a series of pouches to be sold with every pair of glasses. The project was in collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative titled " No Charity , Just Work". I love the idea of highlighting the beauty of Africans. There are so many skin hues and so much creativity within the many styles spread over the vast continent.The preservation of heritage and tribal style is what makes my heart flutter. As with most foreign fashions I am inspired by all of the color, textures and embroidery of their local artisans. Long before African art was a high ticket import, my family have been collectors of masks and jewelry from The Motherland. I am glad so many are finally inspired by the culture rich continent as I have always been. To see more of the campaign click here 

Change is something that has been a constant topic in the meetings I have with the council in my mind. I absolutely bask in the consistency of positive evolution.I thrive off the challenge of constantly being creative enough to stay different in the ways i live and do business. I do not just want to be another tuna in the sea. I am not interested in reporting on what everyone already knows with my own twist, I want to introduce people to new inspirational ideas they might not have run across if it was not for me.  Yet, making the transition back to being offline and networking in the physical world again has definitely proved itself to be an interesting process. There is a lot of the same going on out there, People seem so easy to categorize. I sort of miss just sitting at my keyboard and reporting trends and constructing newsletters about them, just because that way I am not disappointed in going out and finding all the same I could have google searched from my comfy bedroom. This week I attended a couple LAFW events and was so utterly bored with all the socialites swarming around to be seen and see each other I decided I was ready to hop back in front of the camera instead of just creating the content . Unlike just sitting behind a computer and  only getting dressed up to go promote a website or even dressing down to go dress someone up, I hardly realized the organization, scheduling, and constant attention to detail down to my own looks on top of constantly creating content online that life was going to turn into such a circus. The transition of producing and adding video blogs to my current content has left me with a little bit of camera fright. I am currently producing a series of video blogs, curating an online store, raising a kid (he's 2!), and working a part time job and even in the midst of all of these projects how do you ask can I have time to be fearful of anything? Great question, I am seeking the answer as well. I am going to try to get back in the groove of chronicling my favorite thoughts and outfits as I had gotten into the habit of doing before I moved. Which means I can't just sit around in my pajamas and maxi dresses all day lol.Now, that I have moved my businesses HQ back on the west coast  I will not have that tediously unpredictable weather to use as an excuse for not being more productive when it comes to creating beautiful style content for my favorite readers (you, yeah you.). What do you do to get over your fears of speaking or hosting??

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