I had to go and reinvent myself and so now it's like starting all over again without literally having to start all over again it's sort of like starting in the middle of the beginning. I would definitely say i  gave life a little trimming and a bit of fertilizer.[that sounds funny] I had to take a break I was so uninspired so the technology gods cut me off cold and hard. : ( My precious purple laptop i had made mine was doused with a nice fresh glass of iced Strawberry lemonade O so gracefully by the  giant jumping dog known in my house as Shaka Zulu. 

... “ it’s okay!”I thought to myself making plans to simply just take a bunch of photos and work from my hard drive on a desktop where I lived perhaps. No, not happening. First off, my hard drive was apparently linked to a PC at some point and the Mac desktop at my living space was not going to allow me to take any of it’s precious knowledge and share it with my hard drive.That sucked ,but as you can see I was able to work around that issue and the crappy time schedule I had to work on the computer to half ass a few posts just for consistency and a genuine need to share a few inspirations. It still wasn’t enough. I am an all or nothing kind of person and would prefer to throw myself completely into projects one part at a time. (it’s a very odd work habit,but I am still great at multi-tasking, but it also causes for a bad habit of procrastination also.) SO...

I decided to work on my life  photography skills and live my life through  a camera a very cute Nikon, if  i might add. But a week after this decision[ just long enough for me to have a positive outlook on having to slow down work progress on all things I have going on via Internet] I was struck again by the effing technology gods. My  very sleek digital camera with no viewing hole or any knobs only buttons and a screen was mysteriously crushed in the middle of the night and ruined.#uberfailtechnologygods. It still comes on and takes photos, but you can’t change any of the settings.Makes for crappy photos.

Anyway the point of all of my gripping is I have now a new laptop a new camera along with a couple of other fun toys and am officially returning to the Internet and art.[and i finally got up the courage to start posting outfit pics]. The only good thing about not being able to work on the Internet every minute I was not working is I was forced to enter back into the world and be conscious about it and now I present myself a bit more chic,definitely original, a whole lot wiser and of course my blogs will be too. So if you have ever read this blog before or thought you knew what it was all about, you probably don't.  there will be tons more babbling with photos. Art is forever evolving and I absolutely love making the decision in my world to make blogging into an art. Plus it’s the only way I can think of  to make sitting on a computer all day sound glamorous. 

it was sort of funny not being able to completely stay away from blogging and the internet. I am officially a little addicted. EVEN tho i wasn't constantly blogging i was reading other blogs and now I am living a serious fraction of my life on the internet and thinking about what i have read on the internet. Almost gave up on the internet. Happy i didnt.

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Forbes Online thinks they have good advice on staying optimistic. I think it's alright advice How to Stay Optimistic.

this shoot is an awesome inspriation for outfits and their poses.


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