i love susie's layering such a cute outfit.

You know when you start a new school and you have to try to figure out which group of classmates you want to hangout with and be associated with etc.? well that’s what it sort of feels like  as far as trying to figure out new and appropriate goals for myself. [no worries staying a blogger is of course on that list]. I am not sure why as of lately it has been so difficult for me to decide what I really want to do and stick to it!!!! I have always been the type of person who loves variety and looking into what others are doing first hand and sort of shaping myself from the conclusions I come to with that. to build my future. Blogs and biographies help with that and in a dream world i suppose so could  Boutiques.com by Google.  They sure do know how to throw one hell of a campaigning event and I do believe and i know i am not alone feeling just a little bit cooler after seeing all of the press pictures from the bloggers we heart at the party. As far as the actual site is concerned it is very fun browsing other people’s interests and I believe it will be good for sales for plenty of designers other than that I wasn’t jumping over any hills for it. Maybe later those thoughts will change  and I may come to love and rely on the website for inspiration but until then...


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