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okay i admit it. i chickened out. iz magazine should have been a functioning force by now. i just love when things are perfect. it's really starting to affect my life in an uncomfortable mad scientist sort of way. i am starting to loose a little piece of myself. i can tell by my way of lack of caring what i wear all day. i know it's sunny in the middle of winter here in la 50% of the time but of course other places and their weird weather moods get picked up on the west coast. i also got overwhelmed with the amount of lazy people who wanted to jump on my project expecting to get paid. ummmm what? i love California none the less. to be fair i have no idea where any of these people were really from. then there was like the shady person who walked in and kept trying to look at my notes and was all extra helpful and shady. all in the first 15 min of the interview. i allowed it to go for that long because i suspected this person might grab all my notes and run out the door to take them to a lair somewhere to steal all of my ideas. that did not happen.i have a ton of amazing vintage pieces to shoot and post to sell. i love them all. i want them all for myself forever. this will not happen. new items will be up by the end of february, slowly. i cant wait until spring. people dont look at you like you are crazy when you wear ruffles in the spring. this spring i might consider not wearing my dresses so short all the time. so i will do it now to get it out of my system. my excuse for wearing short hemlines lately: bold tights.in honor of love I have decided to draw hearts on everything all over. i will continue this until... im going to start with a dress and work my way up to my crushes face...

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