this is what ot looks like in my head when i imagine getting dressed in a month or two...

i believe it is very important to own two homes or at least live in two places. at least for me anyways. if this is too much for you then my advice to you would be explore the place you live or go on a vacation. shaking things up and not always doing what everyone else is doing is the best way to survive or else you can never find out what it is you yourself are wonderful at to share with other people and isn't that why we are here? i was currently defending my decision to pursue a career in fashion with someone who is a dentist. in this conversation i may have gone through at least bottle of wine and summarized the whole experience as a lesson of compassion. i also keep trying to figure out if i should shoot a lookbook for spring and summer 2010. im leaning towards hell yeah... but i feel like i have so many other things i am already giving my attention.things like giveaways and trying to throw an event that people wont trash for la fashion week. All i have really wanted to do is change outfits like 5 times a day and live a life of leisure. my life has been filled with working and more chores than i remember having before.i feel like the post office and I just can't get on the same page and i think all thinks print should be textured lately. well i suppose as always to be continued...

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