I just received the most fabulous coat! It’s all black floor length and is going to look amazing with heels. I was considering going out with the uber trendy lingerie red slip and the black faux fur coat that looks like I massacred a few big black teddy bears to make. It even has a hood. It’s perfect for clubbing in these rainy Los Angeles nights. I have to wear more than a slip it’s just too damn cold for all that slut factor. No offense to the ladies I see working that as their club uniform. smh on the sly. I will hopefully have pics from this weekend to be able to show off my new coat. All I need is a coffee and big slouchy bag and I am on my way to being your typical industry socialite with the diva image. I have worn the coat out twice now and people re act like I am carrying around a see through briefcase with cash or they make a snotty whitney houston reference. Mostly people are just envious It is a fabulous coat. I pulled these pics from the archives. They are definitely my style inspiration for this week. Well these and all the divas who donned fabulous faux fur before me. I hope it’s cold enough to wear this gift for Le Mirrors and Grammy weekend! Thanks forever Gaila!

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