Chloe Bluebell

Today i have been thumbing through mags and reflecting.I came across this Chloe ad. It's awesome and creative and I love the way it reflects the brand so accurately. But as I looked closer my attention was immediately drawn to the Bluebell Chloe Thigh High boot! The ruffle is so feminine and the design gives of such a flirty bad ass vibe.   I need them I have to have them they have become my new obsession. I am a lady on a mission from now on. I don't know what I am going to have to do to get them...I just hope I am not forced to tap into my renegade side.lol  I just had to share this quick infatuation since dangerous infatuation seems to be the theme of my week and this infatuation seems to be a lot less harmful than the others.

Keep Stylin

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