too cool...

it's so trippy. i feel like i am breaking the rules by not going out... am i getting old? i mean i feel like such a rebel, i am dressed in an 80's onepiece so its sort of like a costume i mean its very roller girl i guess... but how odd i got invited to the playboy mansion and didn't even go. am i cooler than playboy? but i mean drama is in the streets it seems these days. but i know i am not alone being all alone on this halloween evening. i mean i am hoping i get something done and then the night will definitely not be a waste... but i dont think that is very likely and i am drinking coca cola and kool aid ... not mixed of course. dancing around my room to james blunt 1973 beats out being dressed like a slutty hooker version of whatever in the cold anyways. this way im not fearing for my life because i seem to have a weird depth perception when it comes to getting drunk its always like o yeah sure ill have another one and then its like i wake up the next day hung over with pictures i dont remember taking ^^. well i hope folks had the halloween of their dreams. it's back to work for me. i mean like serious work with discussions and such : )

Keep Stylin

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