LA Fashion Week- the toilet of the chic fashion world

Los Angeles is such an interesting place all together, but as far as our Fashion Week is concerned I believe it's built on the same dream cloud as music and movies. Except where have all of the pretty people gone. Maybe it's just the make-up and tacky hair styles, but I don't think I have ever seen so many ugly women on runways before. I am not hating as someone might say. I am seriously just caught in a whirlwind of tacky confusion!! Enjoy !!!!!

The Best of LA Fashion Week...

So sad my dear city i love so much looks like they pulled the best couture they could out of the toilet from other major cities fashion week .There were a few exceptions this year as shown above. It will be okay. The years to come will bring more variety and better quality of chic. I hope...

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Anonymous said...

O WOW!!! I'm from LA, and I really luv that post. lol... But I've went & been apart of LA Fashion week, and for LA, it was unfortunate to get bad press for the event. However, Los Angeles is very commercial, and our trends are usually street associated, and then mimicked on runways.

Anyway, Luv the Post, Check out the Kevin Hall Collection, He's one of the few designers that started in LA, and attends Major Fashion Weeks...He'll bring smile for LA Fashion lovers LOL :)