Mr Bixby iz... who knowz he just came to life

How delighted I was when I actually found out about Mr.Andre 3000 having a clothing line.I was more than just delighted I was blown away by yet another artist in the world branching out to evolve. I commend this sexy ass mofo at doing whatever he wants. It is labeled Bejamin Bixby, I like it!!!

I already love the style of Andre 3000, but I do wonder if he can keep up in this crazy world of fashion we live in. I mean he is a fashion loving musician and i believe anyone who loves fashion has the right to broaden their horizons in the field, but will his line actually look good? There are plenty of designers out there with style. Yet, their collections aren't always the greatest things to be put into rotation to be taken up as a trend. I see it now, all of the wanna be hip hop rock stars and 3000 fans are going to be dressed as space people with mod stripes and tight pants.j/k *giggle*It could be an improvement to the way some of our society walks around now.I am not even gonna go there with that though.

On the subject of Musicians gone designer which was brought up in an interview by Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt at the GQ up and coming designers party"I don’t think actors or musicians should be designing,” said Dirnt. Quit hatin' cause you ain't multi faceted jerk. Whether he meant that $hit in the way I think he did or not, maybe he should take the time out to try to broaden his own mind and quit giving ignorant comments like that. Man it'll be okay and good for Andre. Keep Stylin ya'll!!!

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