Fall is for Sweaters and Sweaty Leather

Wildfox fw 2013
You know those women who wear holiday sweaters and loves to thrift shop and make their children's costumes and bake and shit. It's disgusting, everything in their living space is organized with labels and shit. They cook, they clean, they craft and they are really fit and sexy. These are the type of people who are great with children and their own say please and thank you and they make their gifts and you can't even tell.These kind of folks seem to really annoy people for some reason. I don't get it? What's with the consistent ratchet obsession right now? ANYWAY, I was telling you about those Martha Stewart type women who like to cook from scratch(not the box).

 I like that shit.

 GQ UK NOV 2013

All of that is so me. I love HOLIDAYS I love Holidays and POP CULTURE and reading books so The beginning of October is very much so a restart button for my attitude. For some reason probably too many movies, I decide to immerse myself in all things Holiday. Last year was not very exciting for me in this way so I took some time off from this particular personality trait. but this year I feel like I have been prepping for this October since June and once again the magic has been reinstated so here I am back to blogging once again

 The facts are these: Fall is upon us. It is sweater and cuddling season for me, and the pies I love pies.I want my Holiday season to be filled with stylish boyfriends, dinner parties, crafts, laughter, and gifts for no reason at all. Is that too much to ask? It iz very important to look good and be comfy to take part in these many holiday activities and events. My sweater pick for Fall/Winter 2013 season is not leather. i actually can't figure out how that seems any kind of comfortable for anyone. Me being very busty and curvy and leather generally having very little give, leather sweaters and sweatshirts sound like a very sweaty prison. I don't understand how anyone can wear turtlenecks without feeling like they are being choked and loosing air supply, but I might be a little weird. We are all entitled to our own opinions tho.
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