...but i am happy. i know christmas was like forever ago but i have been busy. So here is my post of Christmas memories. of course edited to go here on my blog. there are millions but i didn't want to bore my dearest readers with TMI...

this is Angel and Bella on top and Sedona,AZ (bottom)

painting by Kari Rollins (top) and yummy food with a different Rollins (bottom)

Thanks for the Xmas gifts:
1. i love Tokidoki and so therefore i love my 2011 Tokidoki planner.

2.If you haven't heard about Lush im sorry because i was when i didn't know about them.- best christmas gift ever. everything smells so good and is handmade.mmmmmm
3. Handmade placemats. I think these are so cute and i cant wait to use them. I love the print on them.
4. The little hummingbird box. its so pretty and i love hummingbirds.

Of course there were plenty more gifts but those im sure will pop up in future outfit posts. So loved...

Keep Stylin

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