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well well well lookie here...

more time to blog im excited and giggly on the inside.
there are so many things to express it's hard to sit down and write them down in words.
i suppose that there is the challenge in being a writer.---i have been very insightful lately haha.anyways...

the facts are these:

there are celebrities in this world who just stumbled upon being popular and had to learn to fit in with the already popular people or else they dont get to stay popular and apparently it's pretty cool to be popular. then you have the people who have their celebrity because they have done something worth noticing like musicians or magazine editors. people who like busy work therefore it was inevitable they were going to be popular because they were always showing off their "talent".Then you have the rich glamorous and royal we just like watching what they do because it looks so fun. I would rather live it, but that's a whole other blogpost...

...this might seem confusing. if it does just look at the pictures... if you are still with me you can continue reading...

then there are those who are just plain cool. we dig them because they have good taste and we all like to be inspired. people who you meet and you just love what they are doing. probably doesn't even matter it is they are doing. people just like watching and listening to them. they enchant the room even when they arent doing something out of the ordinary. i have friends like this. i call them muse worthy. a sense of fashion only enhances the presence of a muse. people tend to gravitate towards people who can carry an image or a sense of what they are trying to portray in themselves. most muses are artists and the good news is you don't have to experience a muses prescence to experience the artistry of their message.with that being said i was very shallowly inspired by the fact that Susie Bubble has cardboard cut outs of her in fun ensembles. But that got me to thinking about how anyone can inspire us at anytime and about how in life it's fun to effortlessly strive to impress or inspire someone. Thanks for the inspiration to all of those who are muse worthy because you can't always say thank you.

Keep Stylin

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