vodkaandredvelvetcupcakes- eyedoubleyoupee


I love the month of march. Its my birthday month and therefore a celebration of me. Yes I am aware there are others who were also lucky enough to share this month of fresh beginnings with me. I just hope for them they are just as excited about their month of birth as I am. If not they can rest assured I am excited enough about march for all of us. The plan is to party as much as I can between working and to get as drunk on as many black bottles of vodka as I can. I will have red velvet cupcakes and the miracles and surprises can elevate from there. My favorite thing about the day I was born is buying a few new pieces for my wardrobe to accompany into my future. all of this excitement is just so when I spend all of my earnings on shoes and clothes that by the time anyone can figure out what I have done everyone will be in full celebration mode and will forget to nag me about saving. as saving is very hard for me. I would rather buy Gucci shoes. Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Keep Stylin

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