I was just reading the IFB Post on what Jennine uses to fulfill her fashion blogging duties. Actually I was inspired to write this post when she inquired about  such things on twitter. But being how I am such a busy body I was not able to sit down and properly share my tools and opinions of how they work until now. And I am more than sure I wont post it for at least another week after that, I tell myself I do this so I can let my thoughts settle, it’s just the latest clever excuse I could come up with for my procrastination. haha. Here’s a list of my handy dandy super spy gadgets. I am not like most bloggers I have read about so far I feel like their equipment is so much more super techie and advanced than mine. I really love the idea of keeping it simple and since I just found out my Blackberry Curve plays you tube videos I think I am going to stick with these gadgets for as long as I can  I don’t feel the pressure to be flawless in my images as fuzzy pictures can be considered art also, and I think I will try to learn all of the amazing things I can do with the gadgets below. I always have the tendency of upgrading before I can even really see what my super spy gagets can really do. this year is probably not going to be much different, but for the sake of this post we will assume I am not always looking for new gadgets to buy because they look cool not particularly for what they do.

here are the facts:

Acer Net Book - I love my Netbook. I actually just received this handy dandy little notebook only 3 months ago. I really do love it. It’s so small and easy to throw in my bag when I have to make a quick get away as I often do. I don’t have a space problem but I also keep most of my information on my mini external hard drive. I call it my holy grail of media. I used to have a Sony Vaio C Series and that was my best friend she was perfect. She was stolen and I know my life will not  be complete until I own a new one. But until then this net book is beyond not so bad it great and it’s cute. The size of the screen didn’t take much getting used to maybe it took me a week. When It does become a problem I just utilize this really cool zoom feature triggered through the mousepad. I think that is so cool. Plus I love this little guy because it’s purple and looks like a giant 2-way…

Sony CyberShot Digital Camera- I love this camera. I am not a professional photographer and until I can justify buying a camera over an amazing purse or pair of boots I just couldn’t imagine spending more than  I spent on this little gem of a sharp shooter. I have no idea how to best utilize the settings, and I have had this camera for more than a year. I am learning. It’s fun for me to make unconventional photog art anyways. That’s the way I justify my crappy pictures. I call it abstract.

Black Berry Curve 8520 -  I think ?? I love this little guy. I have had this new phone for a few months now. I made the switch from my black jack II which I still love to use for the camera. I am always on my phone reading articles, and watching videos, writing , checking other sites on pure impulse, listnening to music, and completely staying a twitter addict. The screen being so tiny drives me so nuts I always feel a relief using my netbook. I find this phone helpful in social situations as it has solved my problem of typing and emailing on my laptop while boring people are trying to hold my attention. Now I just always seem like I am getting an important text message! im not mean people can just be so full of IT. I use the camera as often as I can and it’s mediocre I am so in love with my camera on my Samsung Blackjack and the Samsung Blackjack the sequel I could be being somewhat biased. I have dreams of being known as a cellphone photography artist one day, it’s like our generations version of the polaroid and my blog is my wall and tacky scotch tape to put my pics on display.

Honorable Mention Equipment: I would like to thank my camera tripod for all of the support. My vast carry all bag collection from designer to vintage to the typical iz… by a totebag. Last but not least my epson scanner, printer, copier I love the colors you give me.

I switch between all of these super gadgets and am actually content in doing so I love all my on the go blogger equipment[I have a desktop at my home I use for serious graphics projects].  Just to stay as stylish as possible they all coordinate silver and purple. It’s not obsessive it’s glamorous and I haven’t even got around to customizing. The question I guess now would be if I could would I trade any of these gadgets for others and what would they be? The proper ladies’ answer would be “ No, of course not I am so happy with what I have.” But being how I am really only a lady by disguise here’s my list of what I would replace my equipment with or better yet I would love to just add it to my collection to become the ultimate blogging empire.

Sony Vaio C Series -all white with the smooth outside

Nokia N Series super smart phone- the N97 or later to be exact

I would love one of those fancy Nikon cameras just so it didn’t matter what I shot it would look like I knew what I was doing.

Thanks for the shoutout IFB!

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