lemirror$ 01.10

I know most stylists in the industry totally geek off all or most of the awards shows, but I cant say I particularly share the same desire to trash or bash other stylists work... i am not saying that is everyone. if this is not how you feel please ignore the previous comment i was venting...anyway as i was saying...

Here are the facts:
i love the grammys. it's changed my life. it's the true mash when celebrity meets fashion meets music having a shot of vodka or a glass of moet with individuality. the music crowd can party. it's like a lets get drunk for a reason and they give awards and stuff too.i dont particularly wish to win a grammy but watching friends when is always a joy. musicians like clothes its true. i love musicians who love clothes and music its my cryptonite. i love too low necklines.i love long curvy silhouettes. i love glamour. i love being in spaces with a collective of individualistic artists who like being just that. i love paying attention to the patron who took the time out to get dressed and made an effort to not look like they made an effort when they got dressed that day.its what i like what can i say people being a canvas for fashion and i like hanging out in the eye of the celebration when style and music celebrate each other. celebrations rock. i can be a bit shallow at times. sometimes im inspired by shallow people.im not sure if i should wear lace, fur, or just wear underwear and high shoes to this event. it's my ticket. could be yours to. will you be seen there. who are you going to be sitting next to...

keep stylin

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