Barbie x NYC x Target x A McQ

Growing up as a girl here in America I was addicted to Barbie still am. She was my gateway drug to fashion. Now she's even cooler than she was before as she was brought to life and honored at her New York Fashion Week show, she's turnin 50. I figure I'll just keep up my life pattern and try to get as close to Barbie and Fashion as I can, like Baby Jesus... and speaking of dolls A McQ[Alexander McQueen] is launcing a trendy Blythe doll with his Target(that's pronounced Tar-Jey when you talk about it with high-end designers like A Mc Q) collection, she's so cute i want some.As for the collection? It's Alexander McQueen so I will be all over that like a spider monkey. It's super trendy grungy and apparently inspired by Leila Moss[seen in duke spirit video below]. I like spending money at Target, it's fashion section is looking like an H & M almost. I'll buy some A McQ, a barbie, and some laundry detergent.

Barbie turns 50 here
Check Nylon's peek at the pop up store in NYC here
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Check out the Runway Show here it's awesome!!!
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