Em and Co helps LA Emerge!!!!

The show took place October 15,2008 (yes i realize its awhile after that). It was the makings of a boutique sauna with a bar on the left when you entered and the DJ in the corner. I still don’t understand even with a full space, why was it so hot!!! The temperature was the only downfall to the Em & Co. Emerging Designers fashion show during Los Angeles Fashion Week. The show was held on 3rd street in a little boutique showroom with the cutest of accessories. The room was filled with quite the diverse clan of fashion spectators. The show began with the first show by Keemia , then it ended ( there were only 10 looks). That’s okay if it was more i would have been trendy overkill anyways.

…the second and finale show began, the Monn’Amur (by Friedia Niimura) Show, it was cool. Different, very L.A. hipster trendy with it’s quaint ten looks. I thought it was a great little experience beyond the sauna effect. Both looks were cute. I guess the alcohol probably didn’t help the heat either. Emerge LA Emerge!!!

Keep Stylin'

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