The Facts Are These:

My favorite color for Spring 2014 falls somewhere between Coral, Orange, and Red.
It's like everywhere I look I am inspired by different hues of red-orange and coral. From clothing to nail polish I have been very color obsessed this past month and I am sure my infatuation will last through the summer.

These outfit photos were shot in the beautiful Japanese Garden area of Kenneth Hahn Park, Los Angeles, CA. I have so many memories at this park growing up. My fondest being feeding the ducks as a little person alongside my late mom.These photos are from behind the scenes from a project I am working on with Bionic Puzzi x iZbyA.com. The photos were shot by our current DP on the project Griff Griffin and Styled by yours truly Alexzondra M. I bought this entire outfit on an outing to Ross Dress for Less to find a dog carrier with my bestie, it cost me less than $50 total. The dog carrier has yet to be purchased. This red orange color and tribal prints are on the top of my favorite trends list at the moment. My shoes are by Lucky Brand and my rings and necklace are from As iZ Vintage Eco Boutique. My Nail polish consists of Essie Colors Blanc,Turquoise & Caicos, and Shake Your $$ Maker. What are your favorite colors for Spring 2014?

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