We all know this blogging thing doesn't always pan out as a profitable career. But instead of giving up on the idea of making money online i decided i wasn't going to give up . I refused to allow myself to be called a hobby blogger it just seems so counterproductive to me. I didn't become a blogger to just chronicle what I liked to wear, I became a blogger to chronicle what I love to wear, to share information that helps people and get richer during this process! i have been marketing online and advertising as an affiliate for over 5 years, so i think i know what i am doing finally. Marketing Online is what keeps my website businesses afloat when the sales are low.Now please be aware that as an online business pioneer I have been taken advantage of, scammed, spammed, lost money and made money and through it all I realized the reason I had not hit the jackpot like the other coffee shop millionaires that also haunted my favorite local Starbucks was because my  prosperity consciousness and way of thinking was very destructive. I have always been very skeptical  and fearful of something bad happening to me everytime something good happened to me. I was manifesting crazy negative situations in my life .i would hope ,wish, and pray for a better situation and a better way of living and when it came about I would either talk myself out of a perfectly good thing or not see a project all the way through and then use that handy dandy excuse of "Well all of that money just wasn't meant for me."
 That's not true all that money is meant for me! All that money IS meant for you! Stop talking yourself out of a good thing. Stop listening to bad advice. Stop short changing yourself in the midst of the solutions you manifested into your lives. Everyone is not out to take advantage of you. You can't be mad at anyone but yourself when you don't follow your gut feelings and intuition and end up in a tough spot you did not see coming.Don't fear failure! Realize your mistakes and follow through  with what you know was right in the first place and then at least even if you don't make any money you have learned something.

hey wait... I thought this was a fashion blog???

Don't worry it still is, but how much style can one have really with no money to get what you want? Style  much like prosperity is a full package. Style is the way in which we express ourselves, who really wants to be known as the person at the fashion party with no style and cheap taste. Not Me. So I went on an online search for all of the best ways to make money online spending as little as possible and found a lot of companies simply trying to drain the money out of my pockets as slickly as possible. So I figured they must be doing this to other people as well right? So then I continued my hunt to include a way of making money online and helping people with little to no money and guess what? I found it and I want to share it with you. But wait...
I only want to share it if you are truly ready to leave your ordinary life behind and prosper...

 email me at Prosper@iZbyA.com  to find out if you can handle what it takes to be self employed and fund a lifestyle to fulfill your dreams on your own. I know you can, If I can do it you can too. The worst that could happen is you make some money.

Want to know how to Get Paid Daily?
Change Your Thinking

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