(above: just a few of my fave fashion moments of 2011!)

Unfortunately my life has moved so quickly this year i have not had any time to write at all, as you can  see on dates of previous posts. I feel absolutely guilty about it, but now i have oppurtunity to do recap posts from the beginning of the summer til the present.This year i  have had a baby, lost a parent moved to a new state and am going back and forth across the country, acquired a house that i am excited to decorate and a menagerie of pets to call all my own (compared to being shared).stocked up on my luxury vintage goods to be sold, I have tested too many products and attended too many events to count( and now i must write about them),attracted a stalker, currently working on what my life career shall be.i am sure i have been busier than most people you know. i will also be able to give more detailed and meaningful posts that offer more advice and cool things to check out.i will also use this space as a sort of journal at the risk of over sharing.  Compared to just giving my own opinion about photos i like. who says everything has to be posted right after an event.a good time or product is timeless right... More to Read in 2012 !!!

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