AugustAmongUs- iZ by A turns 3

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August is approaching and that means so is fall and that means the thigh and knee high boots can be pulled out of the closet to have heels fixed, dusted off, worship ceremonies etc. It also means the first digital issue release of IZ Magazine. I am very excited!!!! The theme is California Love and I have been tortured and forced to stop being such an anti social loner blogger and do so much research about the history and inspirations and great artists this great state brings us. Not only have I learned a lot I have also almost completely filled up my calendar with cool events promoting and supporting the magazine and izbya.com. I suppose more opportunities and things on the work schedule is what happens when your fashion blogs turn 3 years old! How fun right I turned 23 and the izbya.com blog empire turns 3 in 2010!! So I won't be posting nearly as much as I wish I could in August and September during all of the celebrating and with the release of the mag and also my dear sweet little laptop was fried in a freak beverage throwing accident : ( No worries tho loves as there will be posts just maybe not as many as i'd hope and you can always follow my real life antics on Twitter.and my personal blog Bionic Puzzi here.

So here's a list of great things to come:

When you look at izbya.com you can clearly see we have done a little remodeling and gotten a bit more mature.It's all so very exciting to see my business grow from something quite DIY to being so professionally artistic. So we are quite a bit more sleek and seductive.

More behind the scenes photos and outfit pics from fashion and celebrity events I have been to and am scheduled to be attending.

More Music Posts I am meeting and reuniting with the musical side of my life and I love it and have missed it so much. I am aiming for all of the iZ mag issues to feature as many musicians in editorials as we can get!

More exclusive posts featuring and written by other bloggers and artists online who love fashion and have great style as we have so many talented readers and friends we would love to bring together.

Contests and Giveaways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With the popularity of iZ...by A growing at an extremely rapid speed and the fact that our staff is mostly hot women we have received all types of cool swag that we will be holding contests to give away to you.

izbya.com vintage and Etsy shop renewal ! Our shop will be full again with new items being added weekly!

and More DIY posts as I am always putting original clothing and jewelry pieces together that people always love on shoots and when My styling clients and I wear them out.

So yes there is a lot more going on which you can then understand why there will be a few less blog posts and a lot more growth!!!

Sooooooo thanks readers for all of your support for the past 3 years and the infinite years to come!!!!!!

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