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Okay so I have like this obsession with this guy, well I have an obsession with a few guys. But anyways this guy is like so cool he’s got like cool friends and a sexy body and great style most of the time and a cute face and he likes to try and save the world … you get the point the list goes on. Anyways point is hanging out with cute and ambitious  high school kids brings those kinds of memories back for me.  We did this video for B and with B I suppose and I really wish K would have given me more notice than he did. I also want him to pay my models in a timely manner, but you never know with these hot ambitious artist types. I was surprised at how cooperative J was acting and I even told A about it. I am really happy D showed up for the shoot, it was kind of funny as she couldn’t stop dancing and I think she had a Kylie Minogue shoot right after that. OMG and when E showed up I couldn’t resist the urge in my soul to dry hump his leg. Anyways the cute  young guys I met on set are going to make the girls hearts melt. I mean the kids I know are way cooler and better looking even than those Disney kids… haha . I hope I didn’t come out looking too old. I can’t wait to see the video I love these guys.

I mean what girls don’t like young men with cute style and ambition.

I am using initials instead of full names to protect the identity of my coolest friends as they appreciate exclusivity and I watch a lot of Gossip Girl.

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