These are just some outfit pics i heart...

of ME!!!!

... dont worry ss 2010 iz... by A will get posted!

hair Scarf: Vintage Top: Forever 21 Jeans: Gap Wide Leg (too big) Bow Belt: Ribbon off of an old dress Shoes: My Jesus Sandles

hooded tennis dress, iz...by A 

hood: iz...by A Sweat shirt: iz...by A 

top: LA Made shorts: Anchor Blue hair scarf: vintage

Sweater Vest : izbya.com  etsy store Skirt: Bebe Belt: Flea Market

overall shorts jumper: iz... by A

Sweater Vest: izbya.com etsy shop Leggings: from a dept store on my last trip to vegas 


Dress: Vintage from izbya.com

Dress: Vintage on izbya.com 

See you around soon. loves!!!

Keep Stylin

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