During my mini blogging hiatus I learned a lot. That was the plan. I learned that we all have issues. Humans generally have issues. Friends are people who we as humans have picked to be okay with dealing with their issues along with ones own. Getting older is very interesting mid twenties is creeping upon me fast and there is no way to fight this wave so i have come to the conclusion I am just going to ride  it and face plant as little as possible.yes, i did have red velvet cupcakes for my birthday. i am currently trying to figure out the best plan to go about executing my look book for spring summer 2010 without having to slap anyone.it's hard to find people to work with who aren't full of themselves or something a little less flattering to be full of than ones self. i love my job. it's a lot of fun. i have learned that you don't always have to be the center of attention all of the time to be happy.sometimes it's okay to be fabulous in the background. the problem with me is once i have one job i just want another until i make my plate so full im always a little exhausted. it's my way of avoiding some of my own issues. Like putting out the first issue for iZ magaZINE. I just want people to understand it's a passion project. This is not just some shit im doing. Passion is better marinated a bit. I like the suspense and the evolution of the original idea and it doesnt feel perfect yet. Especially since it's hard to find people passionate about things other than themselves or drugs. I guess we as human folk live in our own bubbles for sure. and i as a human in my own bubble love to skirt issues with fashion and the mission to indulge into it more.

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