I am going back to dressing like a harajuku girl i think. I made the decision to try being a bit more conservative and sexy in the attempt to nab a boyfriend. I am now pretty bored with boys and wanting to wear layers and creative shoe and sock combos. i like the idea of picking a theme and being free with that concept and going all the way. As much as I love Gaga I think if she wasn't a performer then she would be going a bit too far lately. I love the real life freedom and mesh of reality and fantasy land that i always see in Japanese street style photos. Even though I am from Los Angeles I do get a little bummed about how little people get artistically creative there. There seems to be a lot of the overly trendy and to cool hipster and funky hip hop style. But very rarely will you run across a grouper people of ok and feel good. not because of who it's made by. But i will admit its getting better. I have also decided I want to go out and party more with a crowd younger than the one I party with now. I need somewhere to wear these crazy outfits i am going to attempt to put together... just thinking.

i really dig tokyofashion.com

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