caught by the paps- aka Aarika Green lol*

Awwww the holidays. I am very happy they are over. Although it was great to spend time with my family and family friends and have an excuse to wear tons of sequins. 2010 seems to be turning out to be a year of progression. The year started out with lessons of common sense and a message from the divine that you should never rely on anyone else to entertain you or do your bidding for you, because I believe you create your own destiny. I was actually in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, CA and although my plans for NYE turned out to be a different type of anti-climactic as I had planned my New Year’s Day ended up being full of natural beauty and came with a ton f gratitude for 2010 the years before and the the years to come. I did not take any pics on the night before the New Year as I didn’t feel compelled to draw my handy dandy camera, but from the time I woke up to the sound of the sexy deep breathing noises of the ocean I wanted to capture all of my visuals. Santa Barbara is such a magnificent city with mountains and the ocean and the chill magical vibes and California is such a beautiful state I just felt like my year was going to be one of extreme accomplishments, prosperity, good times and tons of sexy fashion. My outfit on New Years was the same as the night before and it fit so well with the scenery and made great morning after pics. I think I am going to make an effort to wear more dresses this year and I think I want to research more men’s fashion. Those are not resolutions as resolutions are goals that are genrally set too high and to be broken. I believe more in changing my life for the New Year, why bullshit? I am very excited about launching the digital zine for iZ Magazine and to also be able to finally sell the vintage of iZ…by A. The Zine is the home of an artist collective of 2 1artists that attracts artists of all different inspiration. How I love the settling feelings of change and new beginnings. Does that make me backwards? Happy new Year and…

Keep Stylin

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