The September Issue

I am up to my chin in fashion magazines, paint and poster sized pieces of paper and tons of nick knacks and cloth... i am working on a few collage art projects, DIY projects, vintage pieces, t shirt, paints and actual fashion homework i have to do. on top of that i am moping around because i wish i could be in new york for fashion week. it will be okay tho there is tons going on here on the west coast i have my nose in. it will all be made up for when i can watch " The September Issue" i am so excited... i will actually go to the theater and spend the 10 or 11 dollars they ask of you i might buy popcorn too... i really can not stand how much the movies charge it is absolutely ridiculous!!! the things i go through all in the name of fashion. i will begin posting my opinions of fashion week spring 2010 all this week so check back and enjoy the trailer!

keep stylin

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