It's September 2009

Rihanna Vogue Italy Sep 2009 tfs

Ahh September 1st... so much to reminisce about and so much to hope to look forward to. Gosh I don't believe this year has gone by so fast. I always feel new beginnings at the beginning of certain months. September is one of them. it is in fact in which the day of my half birthday falls... and just like my birthday in March it begins a life season for myself. I love September because I love to buy books and being home schooled for a good portion of time has given me a love of book shopping every September... and online fashion schooling has not helped my blogging addiction : )... i love Septmeber because it houses New York fashion week and I love scoping through archives and more archives of a peek at the Spring [maybe i only like fall because it reminds me of spring before it gets here]... This Fall I am refilling my Etsy shop on Sept 5 hopefully, honing my blogging skills and vintage shopping my ass off... mmmm end of the year beginning of the end new beginnings feel great... you have to do things like move before the rain hit and i repierced my belly button- well thas probably not common. ...itseems like this fall is as full of love as spring is too!!! I really love this Rihanna spread it reminds me of Rosario Dawson in Sin City... RD was bad ass in that movie.

keep stylin

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