Busy Busy Little Bee

i really love H & M

It takes time to make time to run a fashion business... then it takes time to organize the business so it takes less time... it all takes a very intricate balance saying how my passion for my art and hobby aren't bringing in millions at the moment... but one day it will... i was summoned with a complaint on my Etsy shop for one of my products taking to long... it did not however take too long as it was in the means of the terms it has not been 4 weeks yet... still it made me think maybe i do need to spend more time with my fashion not that i dont slave hours over it already but now i have decided to make out a schedule... yes a real schedule... so i bought a new planner... i am now going back to being a completely organized and responsible over achiever for a little while... i have to figure out how i am going to schedule all of the partying... stay tuned... and i am sorry sad consumer for any inconvenience this caused.

Keep Stylin

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