Summer Essential part I


Life gets pretty crazy sometimes and plans seem to have a tendency to just change as they please. And the only way to stay one flip flop in front of mother nature this summer is to be prepared.

You want to make sure you look hot all summer so don’t be too lazy and try to get in a daily workout because no one wants to see you walking around outside all fat in your beach wear and if you are big then wear it stylishly period.

Don’t forget your skateboard and/or bike. It’s already hot enough outside without your car just releasing more toxic global warming fumes into the atmosphere so when you can try a more eco friendly way of travel, you can also help global warming by keepingn your breath fresh no one likes hot breath including Mother Earth.

Keep your lips kissably soft with your Burt’s because no summer fling likes nasty chapped lips. Matter of fact no one likes chapped lips so use your Burts Bees accordingly…and watch out because the tingle is addictive.

To be continued …

Keep Stylin


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